Wind Damage Restoration

Is your roof damaged by a storm? Do you need tree removal? Brown spots on the ceiling? Edge of shingles starting to curl? Is your roof more than 15 years old? Are there any shingles missing?

If your roof has one or more of the above symptoms, call us today for a free estimate. One of our experienced estimators will come to your house, free of charge, and determine whether or not a new roof is in order for you.

Here are some things to consider about choosing shingles…

Architectural Shingles

Architectural shingles, also called dimensional or laminated shingles, are a slight upgrade in design compared to basic asphalt shingles. However, the differences offer significant benefits. They are made from the same asphalt as basic 3-tab shingles, but they are thicker and have a 3 dimensional pattern designed right into the shingle. Because the pattern is built right into the shingle there is no need for those tabbed slots you see in conventional shingles. This increased thickness and no-slot design gives architectural shingles longer life and better performance.

Usually the 3D pattern is designed to look like a slate or cedar shake roof. But because it is asphalt you don’t have the maintenance problems that go along with wood or slate shingles. From the ground, architectural shingles look great – much better than standard tabbed asphalt shingles.

Cost is always a concern when it comes to home improvement. Architectural shingles are definitely more expensive; in fact you will find they are anywhere from 20 to 100% more expensive than standard 3-tab shingles.

However, if you stick with the moderately priced basic to mid-range architectural shingles, the benefits far outweigh the added cost. High end, expensive architectural shingles look better but generally you don’t get a cost effective increase in performance and life span compared to mid-range architectural shingles. You are just paying for looks with the more expensive shingles.

3-Tab Shingles

A shingle that shows 3 tabs, or measures 3 feet, is known as 3-tab roofing shingles. They are normally guaranteed for 20 years and help the roof to have a flat, defined look. Depending on the manufacturer, 3-tab shingles are often available in 20, 25 or even 30 year limited warranties. They are generally available in a variety of colors and it’s also important to note that 3-tab roofing shingles are some of the most cost efficient shingles to use on your home, but also the most common.

The 3-tab shingles are fairly thin, lightweight, and rectangular in shape, single thickness and the “3 tab” element makes it so that an individual part of the shingle (one third) can be lifted by the wind without having to lift the entire shingle.